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  • Name: Mohit Mundhra
  • DOB: 21st September,1985
  • Hometown: Kolkata
  • Origin: Deshnoke (near Bikaner), Rajasthan
  • Occupation: Student
  • Field of study: Computer Science and Engineering, (2nd year) 
  • Hobbies: Reading (science fiction or detective ones)

                   Cards (mainly Twenty-Nine).

  •  E-Mail: mundhra.mohit@gmail.com


Curriculum Vitae
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About My College
Placed in the outskirts of the city of kolkata, Heritage Institute of Technology , is one of the finest colleges in the city. It offers vorious courses on B.Tech, MCA , M.Tech , and MBA. The campus is placed amidst greeneries, and it boasts a great environment for learning.
Photographs of my College Friends

A satellite view of my college
The above is a satellite view of my college taken by the help of the software Google Earth.
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